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GLS Software develops and maintains software for engineering infrastructure analysis, design and management purposes, in the fields of water, sanitation, storm water and electrical network engineering.

The business was established in 1989 and has since earned the reputation of providing high quality products and excellent support to clients consisting of municipalities, utilities, consultants and academic institutions of various sizes.

The three original products of the company are Wadiso which is a comprehensive water distribution system analysis and optimization tool, Sewsan for the analysis and planning of sewer systems, and Albion, which is the CAD system that Wadiso and Sewsan run on.

GLS Software strives to remain at the forefront of software sophistication in their field. Through regular upgrades and a high quality support service clients can be served efficiently.

Recently added products include Swift, which is a software package that performs statistical analyses of consumption data in municipal billing databases; Edisan for the analysis and planning of electical networks; HydroSWMM for the analysis and design of storm water systems; PRP for the analysis and design of optimal infrastructure replacement strategies and Norwato, a tool to optimize the scheduling of projects to reduce non-revenue water.

Software Installation Base

All of the GLS Software products are market leaders in Southern Africa in their respective fields with some or all of the products applied in cities, such as Tshwane (Pretoria) (650 000 stands), Ekurhuleni (Gauteng) (600 000 stands), Cape Town (650 000 stands), Johannesburg (800 000 stands) and Windhoek (100 000 stands).
In addition, districts such as Metsweding (120 000 stands), Sedibeng and more than 50 other municipalities, including almost all of the municipalities of the Western Cape Province are using GLS Software directly or indirectly.
The Wadiso and Swift products have also been applied in the Greater Vernon District and West Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

GLS Software Company

During 2018, GLS Software (Pty) Ltd has been resolved as a company, and now forms a department within GLS Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

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