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Water Distribution and System Optimization

Wadiso is a comprehensive application built for the analysis and optimal design of water distribution systems. The program performs steady state and time simulation analysis with the capability to optimize pipe, pump and tank sizes for planning purposes, as well as water quality modelling.

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Sewer System Analysis and Design

Sewsan is a comprehensive computer program for the simulation, analysis and optimal design of sewer reticulation systems. The program uses the theory of contributor hydrographs for analysis and time simulation to determine the spare capacities in sewer systems taking cognisance of infiltration and leakage.

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Swift Interface to Treasury

Swift is a computer program that performs statistical analyses of data in municipal billing databases and provides important information to the Municipal Infrastructure Manager. It also provides a link between the sewer and water distribution models for accurate modelling of the water demand or effluent production.

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2D CAD/GIS Platform for large volumes of data

Sophisticated database wrapping techniques allow you to work on any type of data with the same workflow you use when editing a spreadsheet. You choose when you want to save your changes. Instantaneous rendering of any view gives you the speed you expect from a Desktop GIS.

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Electrical Network Planning

Edisan presents an innovative, integrated, and simplified approach to electrical network planning software.

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Storm Water System Analysis

HydroSWMM is a computer program for the simulation, analysis and design of storm water systems.

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Pipe and Cable Replacement Prioritization

PRP is a computer program for the analysis and design of optimal infrastructure replacement strategies.

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Non-Revenue Water Optimization

Norwato is a tool to optimize the scheduling of projects to reduce non-revenue water in systems.

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