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The Edisan software presents a completely new simplified approach to integrated network planning software where the engineering model is embedded inside a geographical information system (GIS). Our software is designed by engineers for engineers. We aim to simplify the network modelling and planning process during every step, by supporting demand forecasting, network modelling and analysis, as well as planning.

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Key Features

  • Integrated electrical network modelling and planning tool
  • Capable of creating very large systems
  • Ability to design and size network elements
  • Master planning of electrical networks
  • Simultaneously captures spatial and electrical circuit topology in a single model
  • Variety of electrical components supported
  • Support for cables, transformers, capacitors, generators, sources, etc.
  • Advanced spatial and electrical network based selection methods
  • Support for steady state simulation, including fault current and harmonics using OpenDSS simulation engine
  • Ability to interface with other leading packages like DigSILENT PowerFactory and Reticmaster
  • Geospatial load forecasting using a library of load shapes and ADMDs tied to land use of load class
  • Different growth curves for planning purposes, for example linear and S-curves
  • Herman-Beta method to cater for diversity in voltage drop calculations
  • Time simulations to simulate each hour of the day to ensure the correct peak load is used for equipment sizing everywhere.

Simplified model building

Version 6 simplifies the process of model building from a wide range of sources including as built drawings, CAD plans, GIS data sources, scanned images, schematic layouts, tabular spreadsheets or even hand drawings.

The process of adding model elements such as cables with the minimum number of clicks has been at the forefront of the new design to minimize repetitive tasks for the modeller. Customizable presets simply data capturing.

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