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GLS Consulting provides an extensive specialist service related to the optimal analysis, planning and management of water distribution and sewer and electricity reticulation systems.

The company offers clients such as municipalities or bulk service providers a high level of expertise and experience. This is supported by the latest technological developments and the direct involvement of the firm’s personnel at all levels, notably in the use of appropriate cutting-edge technology software developed by associated companies GLS Software and IMQS.

Computerization, optimization and master planning are the basis of the GLS Consulting service. A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of a scientifically devised master plan to ensure that all communities can be supplied with services that meet acceptable standards. An optimally established master plan is also absolutely crucial in ensuring that the demands of a tight budget are met.

Apart from this specialization, GLS Consulting also provides expertise and experience in related areas of engineering such as water demand management, component replacement prioritization based on risk analysis, the evaluation of component criticality, utilization and performance for the purposes of asset management, water quality modelling and water sensitive urban design processes.Other value adding studies pertain to revenue enhancement through the identification of metering issues and the long term impact of water and electricity demand reduction on revenue.

The programs and systems in use by the company have been developed and extended by GLS Consulting and its associated companies and are being applied with success in practice. GLS Consulting places a high value on the continued personal involvement of the individuals who develop programs and systems in the execution of all projects.

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