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Planning, analysis and management of water distribution, sewer and electricity reticulation systems

The principles applied to the service offered by GLS are: to establish optimum operation procedures, as well as to do long-term planning for a system using high quality computer modeling, simulation and reporting techniques.

Procedures followed include:

  • Survey of existing system ‘as-is’.
  • Establishment of a computer database for the water, sewer or electricity network which is compatible with CAD or GIS application software.
  • Compilation and calibration of a computer model with which the system operation can be simulated in steady state or extended time simulation mode.
  • Analysis, evaluation and recommendation of measures and rules for the optimal operation of the existing system.
  • Analysis of non-revenue-water or electricity, assistance in the identification and location of losses and identification of demand management measures.
  • Performing of the feasibility studies required for the obtaining of funding to implement WDM measures.
  • Analysis of leakage, infiltration and storm water ingress into the sewer system.
  • Analysis of the effect on revenue of proposed tariff categories and scales.
  • Assistance with decision-making during system operation.
  • Analysis of the effect of extensions to the existing system.
  • Performing of water age analysis for the purposes of water quality evaluation,
  • Performing of system redundancy analysis and identification of measures for improvement.
  • Establishment of a long-term master plan for extensions to the system, with optimal financial and strategic implementations, based on future planning scenarios.
  • Analysis of the effect on revenue due to long term demand reduction.
  • Performing a variety of revenue enhancement functions such as identification of unmetered stands, optimisation of meter replacement and billing data cleansing.
  • Compilation and operation of risk based decision models for the optimal utilization of funds in the rehabilitation or replacement of system components.
  • Training of management and operational personnel in the application of programs and systems/models at the client’s convenience in the own offices or in the GLS Consulting offices.
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