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Sewsan is a comprehensive computer program used for the analysis and optimal design of sewer networks. The program integrates analysis and design within a powerful graphical CAD/GIS-based environment into a single valuable tool for water services engineers. The methodology used in the program is based on the contributor hydrograph technique to simulate and analyse sewer systems. The methodology allows a 24 hour sewer flow hydrograph to be input for each pipe in the system. The different hydrographs are then routed downstream to the discharge point or treatment plant.

Features of the program include:

  • Effect of water infiltration, storm water ingress and leakage of the water distribution system can be considered.
  • Peaks in the flow are attenuated due to the fact that peak flows from different sources arrive out of phase at the same point.
  • Bottlenecks are identified by the program and optimal remedial measures can be planned.
  • The computer model can be calibrated against measured real hydrographs.
  • Detailed plan books can be generated from the model.
  • It integrates with IMQS management information viewer.
  • Sewsan is continually being further developed and maintained in South Africa by GLS Software for a local and international client base. The engineers of GLS Consulting are well familiar with local and international requirements and are personally involved in projects from their inception to completion using the software.

For more information on the software product see the Sewsan website.

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