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IMQS is a proudly South African product which was established in the late 90s by two of South Africa's leading Civil Engineering firms which included GLS Consulting. By supplying market leading integrated infrastructure asset management reporting software to municipal customers, infrastructure managers have a better knowledge of the integrated nature of their asset master planning, asset maintenance planning, asset condition and useful life, as well as better control over their budgets and priorities. As a result, investment capital is being better utilised and the infrastructure is improving as a whole. IMQS is constantly evolving utilising the latest available technologies in collaboration with our vast client base.

First Generation IMQS (1990-2007)

Desktop reporting and querying application in report, graphs and GIS type maps format to view and query master planning results of sector specialist engineering consultants.

Second Generation IMQS (2007-2009)

IMQS evolved to accommodate financial compliance requirements (GAMAP and GRAP) as set by the Auditor-General by including full transactional valuation and financial asset registers down to component-level, thereby bridging the gap between finance and engineering.

New Generation IMQS (2009 to beyond)

Enterprise solution with advanced real-time editing, planning, simulation and transactional functionality which accommodates concurrent users and audit trails. The extended version can be deployed and accessed in different configurations including a standalone desktop solution, in a server-based environment and via a web browser. Extended functionality now allows system administrators and users to control user access and rights as well as secure data updating by making use of infrastructure servers. The end result is a more flexible, interactive, real-time and robust solution.

For more information on the software product see the IMQS website.

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