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Success and Flexibility

GLS Consulting has a history of success in servicing a variety of clients with individual engineering needs. A full client list is available on request.

The company offers an adaptable service suited to each client's unique needs. Clients can makes use of the GLS Consulting service without buying the GLS computer models, or alternatively, the computer models can be used on their own without GLS consultation if preferred. GLS Consulting also works in association with other consulting engineers on projects if required.

Result and advantages of using computer models to perform modelling and master planning

The most prominent results and advantages of computerization, optimization and master planning of a system are:

  • Important information about the system is contained in one single computerized database. This also forms the basis for asset registers and asset management plans.
  • The computer model forms the platform for performing of e.g. water age and quality analysis as well as system risk and redundancy assessment and planning.
  • The effect of emergencies or extensions to the system can easily and quickly be tested with the computer model, which makes day-to-day management much easier.
  • Annual budgeting for system extensions and replacements can be based on the cost estimates of each stage of the master plan.
  • Costs contributions by large scale users are based on the master plan in a scientific manner.
  • Organized master planning that includes risk based investment planning for component refurbishment or replacement prevents ad hoc planning and ensures optimal use of finances.
  • Incurring a relatively low expense once results in future savings on planning costs and capital expenditure.
  • Experience has shown that optimizing of systems saves an average of twenty to thirty percent on project costs compared to capital works that have been planned according to past methods.
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